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Why These Two People Who Want The Eagles to Tank:

Chip Kelly’s Eagles finally got their 1st win of 2015 with Sunday’s 24-17 victory over the New York Jets. A victory that slowed the growing rate of die-hard Philly fans that want the former Oregon Duck head coach out. But even a few more wins, and maybe another above .500

The Most Underrated Player in the MLB

Every day ESPN talks about Mike Trout, Miguel Cabrera, and Bryce Harper (often too much), but what about the unsung heroes? What about the guys who maybe don’t hit 450ft HR’s, but instead play solid defense, take the extra base, and hit their cutoff men to save a run? It

Bold NFL Predictions

  AFC EAST: Patriots Bills Jets Dolphins This is a division that proves that without a quarterback you don’t have much. The Bills have a lot of talent and the Jets aren’t nearly as deficient offensively as their numbers suggest. The biggest problem for each team is who gets the ball to the playmakers? Do you

Why Beating Texas was Huge for Notre Dame

There is little doubt that this year’s Texas Longhorns are different from the Vince Young team that won the national championship or Colt McCoy’s Longhorn team that played for another one in 2009. But that doesn’t make Notre Dame’s 38-3 victory over Texas any less important for the Fighting Irish. As

Bold NCAAF Predictions

ACC Coastal: Virginia Tech Atlantic: Clemson Winner: Clemson Two players you will hear about during the season: Miami WR Stacy Coley – As a Florida Gator fan, this is a recruit that I really wanted a couple of years ago. Unfortunately he didn’t have the grades to get in, so he went to Miami. He