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Rank ‘Em: The Five Best College Football Teams of the Last Twenty Years

  The past 20 years have seen quite a lot of college football history, from the beginning and end of the BCS era to the formation of the college football playoff. Over the last two decades America has seen a defensive player win the Heisman, massive conference re-alignments, record setting high-powered

Will Grier and the Shadow of Florida’s Offense

Incomplete passes, interceptions, fumbles, all litter the past few years of Gator Football. An offense once feared and respected became the laughing stock of the sport over the last half decade. Months of heartache and disappointment became years of obscurity as the Florida offense lived in the shadows. Season after

Hall or No Hall: The Case For/Against Curt Schilling

Next month Curt Schilling will be on his fourth ballot for the Hall of Fame, and in 2016 there is a chance that the six-time All-Star will get the necessary votes. But does Schilling deserve to reside forever in Cooperstown? We argue that here. The Case For Curt Schilling The case for

Reggie White OR Bruce Smith?

Comparing two all-time greats is extremely tough, and choosing between them is damn near impossible. But we here at are up to the unenviable task of stating a case for each player to be deemed better than their counterpart. This edition of “OR” focuses on arguably the two best