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Why These Three People Will Decide the AL East in 2016

The American League East is the division with the two most storied programs in baseball. The Yankees and the Red Sox are both winning franchises that have disappointed in recent years. The division seems to be in the hands of a Canadian team that has more talent than any other

Hall or No Hall: The Case For/Against Vladimir Guerrero

There is little doubt that the BBWAA is having a tough time voting in the correct people for the Baseball Hall of Fame. Luckily, they have us at to help them out with who deserves in and who doesn’t. Unfortunately, for each candidate we play devil’s advocate, and make

2016 NFL Mock Draft II

NFL Draft: April 28th-30th This is the 2nd edition of’s Mock Draft and after the combine and a few Pro Days it looks like a few things have changed on the draft boards. Free agency has changed the draft scene even more, and here is how we see the things

Why These Three People Will Decide the AL Central in 2016

Every weekend will be bringing you the three people in each division who will be the ones who decide the champion. So after a month’s worth of work, we finally bring you the AL Central’s X-Factors. The division that gave us the World Champion last season is more wide open

Was This Rick Pitino’s Last March?

There is something people may have missed while watching ESPN on Selection Sunday. Something went unnoticed while millions of brackets were being filled in the first day of March Madness. Something oddly different about this year’s tourney. That something that seems a little off about this time around in the

Can the Penguins March on without Malkin?

By Mike Olson The Pittsburgh Penguins are one of the hottest teams in the Eastern Conference since New Year, posting a record of 18-9-4 and battling for the Metropolitan Division title. The team has been up and coming since they made a coaching change in December of 2015 that has seen

Why These Three People Will Decide the AL West in 2016

Every weekend leading up to the Major League’s Opening Day will be taking a look at each division and more specifically the 3 people that will be deciding the division race. And with the National League completely finished after last week’s look at the NL East, we turn our

Hall or No Hall: The Case For/Against Marshawn Lynch

The NFL has already lost a handful of great football players to retirement this offseason, as Peyton Manning, Calvin Johnson, and Charles Woodson all called it quits. But a name that hasn’t been mentioned as much as these others when talking about great players retiring is Beastmode himself, Marshawn Lynch.