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NHL Crimes

By Mike Olson My favorite part of being a fan of the NHL is you don’t have to worry about off the ice incidents. You know players getting suspended for steroids, owning a dog fighting ring, shooting themselves in the leg at a club that leads to getting in trouble with

The NHL to Take on the Strip

By Mike Olson Casinos, resorts, pools, entertainment, clubs, alcohol, the strip, and… ice hockey? That’s right, over the last couple of years the city of Las Vegas has been working on getting an NHL team to become the first major professional sports team in “Sin City.” Believe it or not Vegas has

Pro Hockey Team Lands in San Diego

By Mike Olson There is negativity looming around San Diego with the possibility of the Chargers moving and the Padres having problems getting to .500, however there is some good news flying under the radar. For the first time since 2006 San Diego will have a ‘AAA” professional hockey team. Born