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Why Golden State and Cleveland Aren’t Locks for the NBA Finals

The MVP has been all but locked up by Warriors’ Steph Curry, despite one of the greatest seasons ever by the Spurs’ Kawhi Leonard, and with the award basically guaranteed to travel back to Oakland, people believe that the championship will be too. Especially after the dominating win over San

Who Deserves the NFL MVP?

There is little doubt that this year’s NFL MVP race is a tight one. But the thing people might not realize is that it is coming down to more than just two players. Cam Newton and Tom Brady are most likely the two that will receive the most votes and

Will Grier and the Shadow of Florida’s Offense

Incomplete passes, interceptions, fumbles, all litter the past few years of Gator Football. An offense once feared and respected became the laughing stock of the sport over the last half decade. Months of heartache and disappointment became years of obscurity as the Florida offense lived in the shadows. Season after

Is Steph Really the MVP of the League?

There was no doubt that Steph Curry was going to take home the trophy last year. The MVP was hand wrapped and delivered to the man by the media, who tend to ignore the award goes to the man who means the most to his team, not the best player.

Is This Montréal’s year?

By Mike Olson Canada’s most successful team is off to a fast start in the beginning of this NHL season. The Montréal Canadians have 24 Stanley Cup banners hanging from the rafters at the Bell Centre and are looking to make it 25. The team has made the playoffs three years

2015-16 NBA Season Predictions

I was just asked why I haven’t published this site’s predictions for the 2015-16 NBA Season yet. And my response is quite simple: The NBA season doesn’t really start until after Christmas and therefore don’t look at this article as a week late, but instead 6 weeks early. Western Conference: In the

Can the Columbus Blue Jackets and Anaheim Ducks turn it around?

By Mike Olson The National Hockey League is in full slate and three weeks into the season there are two teams that experts picked to make the playoffs (and of course yours truly picked one to win the cup) that find themselves in the cellar of the standings. These two teams

This Season’s Top 10 PF’s

A few more days and the NBA season begins. Right now every team has hope and even the Knicks believe they have a chance. And much like we’ve done throughout the past couple weeks with the league’s point guards, shooting guards and small forwards, GameDay Sports Blog has compiled a

This Season’s Top 10 SF’s

Less than a week away and the rankings keep coming in. This time we rank the top 10 small forwards in the league, a position that is extremely top heavy, boasting arguably the top 2 players in the world. First Place: LeBron James – Cleveland Cavaliers Obviously this list starts off with