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The Intriguing Case of Alex Rodriguez’ 2015 Season

As the 2016 MLB season approaches this writer takes a look back at last year and some of the major stories that unfolded on the diamond in 2015. Today we are taking a look at the amazing season that Alex Rodriguez had last year. All the hits, the walks, the

Who Deserves the NFL MVP?

There is little doubt that this year’s NFL MVP race is a tight one. But the thing people might not realize is that it is coming down to more than just two players. Cam Newton and Tom Brady are most likely the two that will receive the most votes and

Florida Moving Forward

If you’re a Gator fan like me you watched the 2016 Citrus Bowl last week and those three hours your mind went from thinking that Treon Harris was the problem to thinking next year could be a long one. That is what happens when your team gets beat by 34

Ranking the 1-Loss Teams

With most teams across the country having played ten games so far in the season we can get a sense of where these teams stack up against each other. We here at have looked over the resumes of the top 5 teams with 1 loss to their name and

2016 Stanley Cup Predictions

By Mike Olson People all over Canada and the United States have been patiently waiting for this weekend since summer. The weekend the most exciting sport in the world makes a return, the National Hockey League. Experts are picking their favorite teams to make it to the Stanley Cup Finals so

The Cy Young Choices

National League Spicoli Zach Greinke’s consistent dominance has kept him near the front of the pack for this award all season. Max Scherzer was the most dominant pitcher the first month of the season, but as the season kept going him and the rest of the Nationals fell off. Jake Arrieta came

Why The Blue Jays Should Be the Favorites in the AL

Here’s the trivia question for the day: Who has the longest active playoff drought in major American Sports? I’ll give you a couple of hints. They aren’t an American team and Roberto Alomar is their only Hall of Fame player. That’s right, it’s the Toronto Blue Jays, a team that hasn’t seen

Getting Talent Back in Gainesville

I have been saying since 2010 that the Florida Gators are not in good shape offensively. The drop off in offensive talent has been almost as dramatic as the drop off in offensive production. The Gators’ offense has gone from 4th in the nation in 2008 to 114th in 2013 and

Bold NFL Predictions

  AFC EAST: Patriots Bills Jets Dolphins This is a division that proves that without a quarterback you don’t have much. The Bills have a lot of talent and the Jets aren’t nearly as deficient offensively as their numbers suggest. The biggest problem for each team is who gets the ball to the playmakers? Do you