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Rank ‘Em: The Ten Best NFL Defenses of All Time

In this edition of “Rank ‘Em” we look at the 10 best defenses in NFL history. Let’s see where the Ray Lewis led Ravens defense compares to Nitschke’s Packers. Let’s see who was better, the Steel Curtain or the vaunted ’85 Bears. Did the Doomsday Defense make the list? Did

The Best Players Who Will Never Make the Hall of Fame (2000’s)

In the decade where the world was introduced to the Iphone, youtube, and the Kindle, football fans were introduced to these names that dominated the game of football. Unfortunately these players will never be introduced to the Hall of Fame as nearly all of them fell just short of career’s

Rank ‘Em: The Ten Best MLB Teams That Didn’t Win the Championship

1969 Baltimore Orioles (109-53) The 1969 Baltimore Orioles were arguably the most dominant regular season team in Major League Baseball history. Winning 109 of their 162 regular season games helped the O’s win the AL East by 19 games over the Detroit Tigers. A lot of the credit goes to the pitching

Don’t Forget About Kawhi

Ok, so we all know who is winning this year’s NBA MVP Award. It’s the man who is having statistically the greatest season of all-time. The man who plays for a team, who after Wednesday’s overtime win against the Jazz, sit just 5 wins away from history. But what if

Keith Hernandez and his Unexpected Case for Cooperstown

Usually a player’s case for induction into the Hall of Fame is argued in our popular “Hall or No Hall” series. But Keith Hernandez is a former ball player who never even received 11% of the vote to be enshrined, so instead of looking for reasons not to put him

Maybe the East isn’t that Bad

Last season when the Cleveland Cavaliers were getting ready to take on the Golden State Warriors in the NBA Finals just about every writer, including this one, wrote off Cleveland’s dominance as an indictment of the Eastern Conference. And we weren’t wrong. Cleveland struggled in the Finals despite a historic

Rank ‘Em: The Ten Best NFL Teams of the Past Fifty Years

1989 San Francisco 49ers In 1989 the San Francisco 49ers were led by quarterback Joe Montana who played the position that season better than anybody ever has. He posted a record 112.4 passer rating in the regular season and actually got better in the postseason where he threw 11 touchdowns without

Is Nick Saban the Greatest College Coach Ever?

By Mike Olson and Alan Leuthe G.O.A.T is an acronym that stands for the Greatest of All-Time, a title usually meant for the athletes on the field, but in the case of this article it is dealing with the man on the sideline, as our writing team argues the possibility of

Who Deserves the NFL MVP?

There is little doubt that this year’s NFL MVP race is a tight one. But the thing people might not realize is that it is coming down to more than just two players. Cam Newton and Tom Brady are most likely the two that will receive the most votes and

Charles Barkley OR Karl Malone?

Today in this version of “OR” we take a look at two of the best retired Power Forwards of All-Time. Of course in just a short time Tim “The Big Fundamental” Duncan will be taking the reigns as the greatest retired power forward ever, but for now we look at