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Each MLB Team’s X-Factor – NL East

Baseball season is close. This writer is headed to Phoenix for Spring training this weekend to check out a few teams that are optimistic in thinking that they will be World Series champions this season. A few of those teams are in the National League  East , with the Nationals

Why These Three People Will Decide the NL East in 2016

After last week’s look at the 3 people who will be wild cards in the NL Central, we take a look at a much less competitive division, the National League East. There are really only two teams vying for the division title and that is the New York Mets who

Bobby Cox OR Joe Torre?

Growing up in the 90’s there were two organizations in baseball that were the envy of the league. The Yankees won four World Series titles, while the Braves won one of their own during their 14 year run of division titles. Both teams were led by young superstars in Derek