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Are The Gators Still Circling 2017?

There are only 18 Saturdays left until the start of college football season. Which means only a couple months until the Gators reports to Fall camp. And there is one other date that the fans of the Orange & Blue are circling, September 2nd 2017. The date of what they

What’s Really the Problem in Cleveland?

The Cavaliers were coming off of an Eastern Conference Championship season where they fell to one of the best teams ever in the Finals, posted a 30-11 record, good for best in the East again, and then it happened. They fired their coach. Granted, the firing was following a 132-98 loss

Did the 49ers Make the Right Move?

Nearly a week after being hired San Francisco finally introduced their new head man, Chip Kelly, in an interview on Wednesday. And although there were internet jokes about the interview being six days later because the 49ers were embarrassed of their choice or trying to find somebody better, the fact

Is Nick Saban the Greatest College Coach Ever?

By Mike Olson and Alan Leuthe G.O.A.T is an acronym that stands for the Greatest of All-Time, a title usually meant for the athletes on the field, but in the case of this article it is dealing with the man on the sideline, as our writing team argues the possibility of

Why USC’s Job Should Be Clay Helton’s To Lose

Clay Helton is a name most in the college football world may not know. And his chance of getting, or should I say keeping, the USC job is something none would have thought possible after he was passed over a couple of years ago when USC went with former offensive

Does Mike Scioscia Need to Go?

The NFL season is in full swing and Los Angeles’ sports crowd is busy trying to find out which team is coming to their city for the 2016 season. And with the NHL season opening the people of Orange County are far more worried about their Ducks’ slow start than

Is Phil Jackson Overrated?

Ask Laker fans and Bulls fans about their latest dynasties and each group will give you a specific answer. Lakers fans will talk about Kobe. Bulls fans will relish in the memories of MJ. Ask for the connection between the 2 and both groups will have the same answer, “The

Should Calipari Leave?

John Calipari is arguably one of the top 2 coaches in college basketball. According to ESPN, Calipari ranked 2nd behind Billy Donovan on last year’s list of top coaches in the sport, and with Duke’s national championship this year there is little doubt that Coach K joined Calipari in the