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2017: Year of the Transfer Quarterback

The college football season is now less than three months out, and with the official announcement of Malik Zaire’s transfer to the Florida Gators the former Notre Dame quarterback has ended the offseason market for transfer quarterbacks. And although there are plenty of storylines heading into this year, make no

The Gators’ 2016 Class Analysis

QB: 2 (A-) Felipe Franks 4* Kyle Trask 3* This is exactly what the Gators program needed in this class, and considering the Gators hit a homerun at their biggest need in the cycle, McElwain has to be happy with what he signed. Franks is the quarterback with the highest ceiling we have had

Takeaways from National Signing Day 16′

As an avid college football fan National Signing Day (NSD) is the best day of the offseason. It is the college football equivalent of the NFL Draft, except much much better. It is the culmination of years of recruiting and committing, and yet there is still plenty of excitement to

Is Nick Saban the Greatest College Coach Ever?

By Mike Olson and Alan Leuthe G.O.A.T is an acronym that stands for the Greatest of All-Time, a title usually meant for the athletes on the field, but in the case of this article it is dealing with the man on the sideline, as our writing team argues the possibility of

Ali, Liston, Tigers, and the Tide

In case you have missed the commercials, the sportscenter popups, or have simply been living under a rock since New Year’s Eve, tonight is the biggest game of the year for college football. A new national champion will be crowned after tonight’s game between the Clemson Tigers and the Alabama

Florida Moving Forward

If you’re a Gator fan like me you watched the 2016 Citrus Bowl last week and those three hours your mind went from thinking that Treon Harris was the problem to thinking next year could be a long one. That is what happens when your team gets beat by 34

Rank ‘Em: The Five Best College Football Teams of the Last Twenty Years

  The past 20 years have seen quite a lot of college football history, from the beginning and end of the BCS era to the formation of the college football playoff. Over the last two decades America has seen a defensive player win the Heisman, massive conference re-alignments, record setting high-powered

Will Grier and the Shadow of Florida’s Offense

Incomplete passes, interceptions, fumbles, all litter the past few years of Gator Football. An offense once feared and respected became the laughing stock of the sport over the last half decade. Months of heartache and disappointment became years of obscurity as the Florida offense lived in the shadows. Season after

Ranking the 1-Loss Teams

With most teams across the country having played ten games so far in the season we can get a sense of where these teams stack up against each other. We here at have looked over the resumes of the top 5 teams with 1 loss to their name and

Why Notre Dame’s Ranking is More Important Than You Think

 Let me start this article off with a quick note of how I do not believe that the playoff rankings for college football matter at this stage of the season. They are useless and are for nothing more than ratings and ESPN viewership on a football-less Tuesday night. Now you may