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The Best Players Who Will Never Make the Hall of Fame (2000’s)

In the decade where the world was introduced to the Iphone, youtube, and the Kindle, football fans were introduced to these names that dominated the game of football. Unfortunately these players will never be introduced to the Hall of Fame as nearly all of them fell just short of career’s

Steve Young OR Troy Aikman?

  In this version of “OR” we take a look at two of the 90’s best quarterbacks each wearing #8 and each guiding the NFC’s top teams of the decade. But between Steve Young and Troy Aikman, who was better? Well we’re about to find out. Steve Young It’s not close. It’s not

Are the Stars Back?

By Mike Olson The state of Texas is predominately known as a football state with successful high school and college programs and of course the Cowboys. As of late the MLB and NBA has been making a comeback with the recent success of the Houston Astros, Texas Rangers, and the San

How Much does Losing Murray Hurt the Cowboys?

There is little doubt that Demarco Murray is one of the best running backs in the NFL. Last season he was voted to the Pro Bowl after leading the league in rushing, and this offseason was voted by his peers as the 4th best player in the National Football League.

What DeAndre’s Return Means to LA, Dallas, and the NBA

DeAndre Jordan was never a member of the Dallas Mavericks. He never wore a jersey, signed a contract, had a press conference, said “yeehaw” (I’m guessing all people in Texas say this). However his agreement/non-agreement sheds light on the Clippers, the Mavs, and the current state of the NBA. Last week