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The Anaheim Ducks Are Flying Again

By Mike Olson At the beginning of the 2015-2016 hockey season I made a bold prediction that the Anaheim Ducks would win their second Stanley Cup in franchise history. Early on it looked like I had jinxed the team and people were asking me why I picked them to win the cup

Can the Columbus Blue Jackets and Anaheim Ducks turn it around?

By Mike Olson The National Hockey League is in full slate and three weeks into the season there are two teams that experts picked to make the playoffs (and of course yours truly picked one to win the cup) that find themselves in the cellar of the standings. These two teams

Hockey is Overtaking the State of California

By Mike Olson If you were born and raised in Southern California like me, you’re not programmed to like hockey. It’s a state that shoves the likes of the MLB, NFL, and NBA down your throats. The problem with that? You don’t get the opportunity to watch the best sport there