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Rank ‘Em: The Ten Best NFL Defenses of All Time

In this edition of “Rank ‘Em” we look at the 10 best defenses in NFL history. Let’s see where the Ray Lewis led Ravens defense compares to Nitschke’s Packers. Let’s see who was better, the Steel Curtain or the vaunted ’85 Bears. Did the Doomsday Defense make the list? Did

The Best Players Who Will Never Make the Hall of Fame (2000’s)

In the decade where the world was introduced to the Iphone, youtube, and the Kindle, football fans were introduced to these names that dominated the game of football. Unfortunately these players will never be introduced to the Hall of Fame as nearly all of them fell just short of career’s

2016 NFL Mock Draft III

NFL Draft: April 28th-30th This is the 3rd edition of’s Mock Draft and after the combine, Pro Days, a couple of big free agent signings, and a few major trades it looks like things have changed on the draft boards. Here is how we see the things unfolding tonight in

The 2016 NFL Draft’s Underrated and Overrated Prospects

Every year in the NFL Draft there are multiple players that are taken way to early for no real reason. Whether it is because scouts, GM's, or other front office people have not done their jobs well enough, or maybe they listened to arguably the dumbest people ESPN have ever

Are The Gators Still Circling 2017?

There are only 18 Saturdays left until the start of college football season. Which means only a couple months until the Gators reports to Fall camp. And there is one other date that the fans of the Orange & Blue are circling, September 2nd 2017. The date of what they

Why the Titans Already Won the Draft

In case you missed it amongst the talk of Kobe’s 60 point farewell to the NBA or Golden State’s record setting 73rd win this season, the Rams just traded for the #1 overall pick in this year’s NFL Draft, all but assuring that the Titans just became the biggest winners

2016 NFL Mock Draft II

NFL Draft: April 28th-30th This is the 2nd edition of’s Mock Draft and after the combine and a few Pro Days it looks like a few things have changed on the draft boards. Free agency has changed the draft scene even more, and here is how we see the things

Hall or No Hall: The Case For/Against Marshawn Lynch

The NFL has already lost a handful of great football players to retirement this offseason, as Peyton Manning, Calvin Johnson, and Charles Woodson all called it quits. But a name that hasn’t been mentioned as much as these others when talking about great players retiring is Beastmode himself, Marshawn Lynch.

Passing the Torch

With the recent news that all-time great quarterback Peyton Manning is planning on announcing his retirement this week, the NFL is well on its way into a transition from the greatest set of passers the game has ever seen to a set of young quarterbacks simply trying to live up