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Adrian Peterson the Free Agent

Next week the first real mark of the NFL offseason starts as the free agency period begins. And without a doubt the biggest free agent since Peyton Manning left the Colts in 2012 hits the market, as the Minnesota Vikings chose not to pick up running back Adrian Peterson’s team

Did The Spurs Win Free Agency?

I can’t hide from it, 2 months ago I wrote that their playoff loss had doomed the Spurs to begin a rebuilding job and yet here they are looking even better than the team that won the championship 2 years ago, at least on paper. But do their offseason additions

What DeAndre’s Return Means to LA, Dallas, and the NBA

DeAndre Jordan was never a member of the Dallas Mavericks. He never wore a jersey, signed a contract, had a press conference, said “yeehaw” (I’m guessing all people in Texas say this). However his agreement/non-agreement sheds light on the Clippers, the Mavs, and the current state of the NBA. Last week

You Can’t Always Buy A Team

After the final out of the Giants’ World Series win October 29th all 30 Major League teams turned their attention to trying to get better. Each organization was trying to figure out what players were available to make their teams contenders and what it would take to have them sign