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GameDay Sports Talk -Episode #5 – May 18th 2017

In this episode Alan dishes on the NBA Draft Lottery, What the Lakers and Celtics should be doing with their picks, Why the point guard is the most overvalued position in basketball, the San Diego Padres, and a couple of quick hitters at the end.

GameDay Sports Talk – Episode #4 – May 16th 2017

This episode Alan and Austin discuss the NBA Playoffs, the greatness of both Golden State and Cleveland, Kevin Durant's villianhood, we play the Jersey Game, discuss the MLB season now that it's a quarter of the way done, and we talk about this year's Patriot team and the respect their

GameDay Sports Talk – Episode #2 – May 8th 2017

On our second episode of our new podcast, GameDay Sports Talk, we invite college football insider and beer enthusiast (alcoholic) Austin Bucher onto the show where we discuss the San Diego Padres, the upcoming College Football season, the Oklahoma Sooners, my excitement of the Triple-G vs. Canelo Alvarez fight, and

GameDay Sports Talk – Episode #1 – May 4th 2017

Thanks for checking out our first ever podcast. On this episode I'm discussing last week's NFL Draft, the second round of the NBA Playoffs, the first month of the 2017 MLB Season, and will also touch on a couple of boxing fights. We're like Sports Talk Radio except we don't suck.