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Rank ‘Em: The Ten Best NFL Defenses of All Time

In this edition of “Rank ‘Em” we look at the 10 best defenses in NFL history. Let’s see where the Ray Lewis led Ravens defense compares to Nitschke’s Packers. Let’s see who was better, the Steel Curtain or the vaunted ’85 Bears. Did the Doomsday Defense make the list? Did

Don’t Forget About Kawhi

Ok, so we all know who is winning this year’s NBA MVP Award. It’s the man who is having statistically the greatest season of all-time. The man who plays for a team, who after Wednesday’s overtime win against the Jazz, sit just 5 wins away from history. But what if

Is Nick Saban the Greatest College Coach Ever?

By Mike Olson and Alan Leuthe G.O.A.T is an acronym that stands for the Greatest of All-Time, a title usually meant for the athletes on the field, but in the case of this article it is dealing with the man on the sideline, as our writing team argues the possibility of

The 20 Best Sports Movies of All-Time

  Christmas is only a day away and if you need a last minute gift for that sports fan in your life, this is your list. Grab them a good sports movie. Not sure what the best one is, this list is not only helpful but hilarious.   Major League – Ever think that

Reggie White OR Bruce Smith?

Comparing two all-time greats is extremely tough, and choosing between them is damn near impossible. But we here at are up to the unenviable task of stating a case for each player to be deemed better than their counterpart. This edition of “OR” focuses on arguably the two best

Is Patrick Kane the Best US Born Hockey Player Ever?

By Mike Olson Earlier in the summer I did an article on “NHL Crimes” that featured the Chicago Blackhawks’ Patrick Kane, but before the season started his charges were acquitted due to lack of evidence. Now Kane is making history as he has recorded at least one point in 21 straight

Bob Gibson OR Pedro Martinez?

Welcome to the 1st edition of “OR”, a section that will have pieces arguing the compared greatness of 2 of the best in sports. Whether its teams, players, or coaches, this section is all about who’s better. The 1st article? Bob Gibson OR Pedro Martinez?   Bob Gibson Bob Gibson is arguably the most

Is Phil Jackson Overrated?

Ask Laker fans and Bulls fans about their latest dynasties and each group will give you a specific answer. Lakers fans will talk about Kobe. Bulls fans will relish in the memories of MJ. Ask for the connection between the 2 and both groups will have the same answer, “The

Does the King Deserve a Crown?

He has been dubbed King James ever since his high school basketball games became standard pay-per-view buys in 2002. We have all become “witnesses” of his greatness, and seen him take his talents from Cleveland to South Beach and back to the Buckeye State, turning each stop into championship contenders.