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Hall or No Hall: The Case For/Against Manu Ginobili

Last week we might have seen the end of the career of a player who most of us have watched for nearly two decades. Manu Ginobili got into the NBA in 2002, going from the best Argentinian basketball player to a key cog in a great NBA dynasty. The question

Hall or No Hall: The Case For/Against Omar Vizquel has already discussed the merits of many players who have been on Hall of Fame ballots and whether or not their credentials are enough to get them in. Today we look Omar Vizquel who will pop up on the Baseball Hall of Fame ballot for the first time next

Something Has to Change with Hall of Fame Voting!!!

Congratulations to Jeff Bagwell, Pudge Rodriguez, and Tim Raines on their election to the Baseball Hall of Fame. The three players deserved the game’s highest honor and their baseball careers were telling tales of just how deserving they were to be inducted. However, there were plenty of former players more

The Best Players Who Will Never Make the Hall of Fame (2000’s)

In the decade where the world was introduced to the Iphone, youtube, and the Kindle, football fans were introduced to these names that dominated the game of football. Unfortunately these players will never be introduced to the Hall of Fame as nearly all of them fell just short of career’s

Hall or No Hall: The Case For/Against Todd Helton

The Colorado Rockies have been the laughing stock of the Baseball World since their last postseason appearance, when they captured the National League Pennant in 2007. Since the Fall Classic where the Rockies were swept by the Red Sox, Colorado’s baseball fans have been treated to just 1 playoff victory,

Hall or No Hall: The Case For/Against Reggie Wayne

Here at we take a look at the argument for and against a player joining the elite in the Hall of Fame with our famous article section, Hall or No Hall? This edition we look at one of the most productive receivers in NFL history; recent retiree Reggie Wayne. The

Hall or No Hall: The Case For/Against Vladimir Guerrero

There is little doubt that the BBWAA is having a tough time voting in the correct people for the Baseball Hall of Fame. Luckily, they have us at to help them out with who deserves in and who doesn’t. Unfortunately, for each candidate we play devil’s advocate, and make

Hall or No Hall: The Case For/Against Marshawn Lynch

The NFL has already lost a handful of great football players to retirement this offseason, as Peyton Manning, Calvin Johnson, and Charles Woodson all called it quits. But a name that hasn’t been mentioned as much as these others when talking about great players retiring is Beastmode himself, Marshawn Lynch.

Hall or No Hall: The Case For/Against Cliff Lee

In this edition of “Hall or No Hall” we take a look at a player who is technically still playing, but has seen very limited action as of late due to injury. Cliff Lee before this string of injuries was one of the best pitchers in the league, and some