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Do the Cavs Really Need to Make Roster Adjustments?

The Cavaliers are the reigning NBA Champions and current Eastern Conference leaders. So why is it that the team that sits atop the basketball world seems to be in such disarray? Because the team currently residing in Cleveland is still not good enough to win another NBA Title. And that

Why The Durant Deal is Bad for Everybody Involved

In case you have been under a rock since Sunday and have missed the biggest offseason news of the year, former Oklahoma City Thunder forward Kevin Durant is now a member of the reigning Western Conference champion Golden State Warriors. And although it appears as though there are obvious winners

Where Will KD End Up?

The body wasn’t even cold yet after the Thunder’s Game 7 loss to the Warriors and the question was asked. Where will Durant end up this offseason? Of course that should come as no surprise. Despite the Thunder being contenders for this season’s NBA Championship, people have been wondering and