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This Week’s Tidbits May 22nd

This our second edition of's Weekly Tidbits, a video article that comes out every Sunday looking at our thoughts on the week that passed in sports and looking forward to next week. Here's what's on the docket for this week's video: Why Billy Donovan has already done a better job

Why the Titans Already Won the Draft

In case you missed it amongst the talk of Kobe’s 60 point farewell to the NBA or Golden State’s record setting 73rd win this season, the Rams just traded for the #1 overall pick in this year’s NFL Draft, all but assuring that the Titans just became the biggest winners

What to Make of D’Angelo Russell

D’Angelo Russell is not in the running for Rookie of the Year. As a matter of fact, the former Buckeye star has been just a bench player for more than half of the Lakers’ games this season. Still the Lakers’ guard put on quite the show Tuesday night against the

The Greatness of Kobe

You’ll have to excuse the lateness of this article. This writer is still mourning the on-court loss of arguably the greatest player to ever don the Gold and Purple. Kobe Bryant’s announcement on Sunday that this would be his final season in the NBA was hardly a shocking announcement. The

The Battle For L.A.

After the state of Alabama won 4 straight national titles we all knew about War Eagle against Roll Tide. We’ve all seen the “The Band is on the Field” adding craziness to the “Big Game” rivalry between Stanford and Cal’s rivalry. And Jim Harbaugh and Urban Meyer are being built

The Dodgers Need Pederson to be the ROY

In June of 2015 Major League Baseball their rookie poster boy in Joc Pederson. The Los Angeles Dodgers rookie center fielder burst into this season as a power-hitting machine with a keen eye and awareness of the zone. This led to plenty of home runs, a high on-base percentage (despite

Did The Spurs Win Free Agency?

I can’t hide from it, 2 months ago I wrote that their playoff loss had doomed the Spurs to begin a rebuilding job and yet here they are looking even better than the team that won the championship 2 years ago, at least on paper. But do their offseason additions

What DeAndre’s Return Means to LA, Dallas, and the NBA

DeAndre Jordan was never a member of the Dallas Mavericks. He never wore a jersey, signed a contract, had a press conference, said “yeehaw” (I’m guessing all people in Texas say this). However his agreement/non-agreement sheds light on the Clippers, the Mavs, and the current state of the NBA. Last week

How to Fix the Lakers

The Los Angeles Lakers are the most storied franchise in the NBA with players you only need one name to recognize: Wilt, Kareem, Worthy, Magic, Shaq, Kobe. Even the NBA logo is based off of a Laker. However, as of late the purple and gold have turned into quite the laughing