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Bold 2017 MLB Predictions

Biggest Storylines Did anybody catch up to the Cubs? Sure the Red Sox seemed to improve on their 93-win season by adding one of the game’s best pitchers. And the Indians, a team that took the Cubbies to 7 games in the World Series, got two of their starting pitchers back from

Did Major League Baseball Get it Right?

Remember baseball? That sport we watched as children. The game we played in the street where different cars were used as the bases. The pastime of not only our summers, but of our country. Well that sport seems to have changed with every passing year. The way people slide has changed.

Why These Three People Will Decide the NL East in 2016

After last week’s look at the 3 people who will be wild cards in the NL Central, we take a look at a much less competitive division, the National League East. There are really only two teams vying for the division title and that is the New York Mets who

Why These Three People Will Decide the NL West in 2016

In anticipation for the next 6 Saturdays we here at will be bringing you a list of the top 3 people in each division who will be making the race for 1st place interesting. In the 1st installment we look at the NL West, a division that has only

The Intriguing Case of Alex Rodriguez’ 2015 Season

As the 2016 MLB season approaches this writer takes a look back at last year and some of the major stories that unfolded on the diamond in 2015. Today we are taking a look at the amazing season that Alex Rodriguez had last year. All the hits, the walks, the

Hall or No Hall: The Case For/Against Ivan “Pudge” Rodriguez:

After last week’s absolutely disgraceful display of voting by the Baseball Writers’ Association of America, we take a look at next year’s possible entrants, and despite not knowing how the BBWAA judges worthiness of induction, we here at argue the case for and against possible inductees. The first candidate

Different Plan Will Mean Same Results for the Padres

2015 is officially over, and Padres fans couldn’t be happier for 2016 to arrive and wipe the bitter taste of last season out of their mouths. The 2015 season was one that was preceded by great expectations for San Diego Padres fans. An organization known for losing as much in the

Hall or No Hall: The Case For/Against Curt Schilling

Next month Curt Schilling will be on his fourth ballot for the Hall of Fame, and in 2016 there is a chance that the six-time All-Star will get the necessary votes. But does Schilling deserve to reside forever in Cooperstown? We argue that here. The Case For Curt Schilling The case for

Bobby Cox OR Joe Torre?

Growing up in the 90’s there were two organizations in baseball that were the envy of the league. The Yankees won four World Series titles, while the Braves won one of their own during their 14 year run of division titles. Both teams were led by young superstars in Derek

The Cy Young Choices

National League Spicoli Zach Greinke’s consistent dominance has kept him near the front of the pack for this award all season. Max Scherzer was the most dominant pitcher the first month of the season, but as the season kept going him and the rest of the Nationals fell off. Jake Arrieta came