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2017 NFL Mock Draft III

  Today is the NFL Draft. And just hours before the Browns are put on the clock has their final mock draft.   Cleveland Browns – Myles Garrett DE Texas A&M The Browns are seemingly still undecided on who to draft #1 overall, and whenever there is a doubt, you take the

2017 NFL Mock Draft II

There has been about two weeks or so since the free agent period opened up and there have been some big signings across the NFL. That has affected the draft needs and overall draft strategy of many teams, and because of that has updated it’s mock draft, and will

2017 NFL Mock Draft I

Wow, what a Super Bowl! So far the talk all week has been about Julian Edelman’s catch, the Falcon’s choke job, and making sure that we recognize that both Tom Brady and Bill Belichick are the G.O.A.T. Well since the parade is over in Boston, and Gronk might finally be

2016 NFL Mock Draft III

NFL Draft: April 28th-30th This is the 3rd edition of’s Mock Draft and after the combine, Pro Days, a couple of big free agent signings, and a few major trades it looks like things have changed on the draft boards. Here is how we see the things unfolding tonight in

The 2016 NFL Draft’s Underrated and Overrated Prospects

Every year in the NFL Draft there are multiple players that are taken way to early for no real reason. Whether it is because scouts, GM's, or other front office people have not done their jobs well enough, or maybe they listened to arguably the dumbest people ESPN have ever

2016 NFL Mock Draft II

NFL Draft: April 28th-30th This is the 2nd edition of’s Mock Draft and after the combine and a few Pro Days it looks like a few things have changed on the draft boards. Free agency has changed the draft scene even more, and here is how we see the things

2016 NFL Mock Draft I

Football Season is over and just a week after the biggest Football Day of the year where you were drinking beer and yelling at Cam Newton’s offensive line, you found yourself wasting away at a fancy restaurant ordering whatever the Hell “Foie Gras” is just to impress the woman in