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Russell Westbrook OR James Harden

There are just a few games remaining in the 2016-17 NBA regular season, and barring any miraculous developments over the next couple of days the chase for League MVP is a two man race. Sure people might say that Kawhi Leonard and Lebron James deserve to be in the discussion

Kobe Bryant OR Tim Duncan?

This past season we witnessed the finales of two of the greatest players in NBA history. Both Kobe Bryant and Tim Duncan will forever be remembered as great champions, each capturing five world championships in their time in the league, more than a quarter of the championships won in their

Charles Barkley OR Karl Malone?

Today in this version of “OR” we take a look at two of the best retired Power Forwards of All-Time. Of course in just a short time Tim “The Big Fundamental” Duncan will be taking the reigns as the greatest retired power forward ever, but for now we look at

Reggie White OR Bruce Smith?

Comparing two all-time greats is extremely tough, and choosing between them is damn near impossible. But we here at are up to the unenviable task of stating a case for each player to be deemed better than their counterpart. This edition of “OR” focuses on arguably the two best

Bobby Cox OR Joe Torre?

Growing up in the 90’s there were two organizations in baseball that were the envy of the league. The Yankees won four World Series titles, while the Braves won one of their own during their 14 year run of division titles. Both teams were led by young superstars in Derek

Ray Lewis OR Dick Butkus?

Ray Lewis Ray Lewis is simply the greatest inside linebacker of all time. I’d say the greatest linebacker of all time but that honor still belongs to LT. And before you stupid Chargers fans try and make a claim that Ladanian Tomlinson is the real LT, just remember one thing….you’re an

Ben Roethlisberger OR Philip Rivers?

In 2010 on my friend Dane’s bachelor party, our group ended up at a bar downtown in quite the argument over best quarterbacks in the NFL. And when the bartender put Big Ben’s name into the mix over Charger’s quarterback Philip Rivers things got a little heated. Back then the

Bob Gibson OR Pedro Martinez?

Welcome to the 1st edition of “OR”, a section that will have pieces arguing the compared greatness of 2 of the best in sports. Whether its teams, players, or coaches, this section is all about who’s better. The 1st article? Bob Gibson OR Pedro Martinez?   Bob Gibson Bob Gibson is arguably the most