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Curt Schilling OR Mike Mussina

We are hours away from discovering whether or not Mike Mussina and Curt Schilling are members of baseball’s most honored fraternity, members of the Hall of Fame. And while early ballots show that neither one is destined for Cooperstown, at least not this year, we here at want to

Each MLB Team’s X-Factor – NL East

Baseball season is close. This writer is headed to Phoenix for Spring training this weekend to check out a few teams that are optimistic in thinking that they will be World Series champions this season. A few of those teams are in the National League  East , with the Nationals

Hall or No Hall: The Case For/Against Cliff Lee

In this edition of “Hall or No Hall” we take a look at a player who is technically still playing, but has seen very limited action as of late due to injury. Cliff Lee before this string of injuries was one of the best pitchers in the league, and some

Hall or No Hall: The Case For/Against Curt Schilling

Next month Curt Schilling will be on his fourth ballot for the Hall of Fame, and in 2016 there is a chance that the six-time All-Star will get the necessary votes. But does Schilling deserve to reside forever in Cooperstown? We argue that here. The Case For Curt Schilling The case for

What Went Wrong in Philly?

5 straight NL East titles, back to back World Series appearances, and a world title. That was the Phillies from 2007 to 2011. Just 4 years removed from that stretch of dominance and the Phillies are 19 games back of their division leaders and sporting the worst record in the