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This Week’s Tidbits May 29th

This our third edition of’s Weekly Tidbits, a video article that comes out every Sunday looking at our thoughts on the week that passed in sports and looking forward to next week. Here’s what on the docket for this week’s video: Texas is the team to beat in the American

Why These Three People Will Decide the AL West in 2016

Every weekend leading up to the Major League’s Opening Day will be taking a look at each division and more specifically the 3 people that will be deciding the division race. And with the National League completely finished after last week’s look at the NL East, we turn our

Hall or No Hall: The Case For/Against Ivan “Pudge” Rodriguez:

After last week’s absolutely disgraceful display of voting by the Baseball Writers’ Association of America, we take a look at next year’s possible entrants, and despite not knowing how the BBWAA judges worthiness of induction, we here at argue the case for and against possible inductees. The first candidate

Hall or No Hall: The case for/against Adrian Beltre

Earlier this month, ESPN’s online affiliate FiveThirtyEightSports published an article claiming that Adrian Beltre is Hall of Fame Worthy. Usually I will wait until one’s retirement to have this discussion, but due to the recent piece on his potential merit to get in to the Hall of Fame, I am