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Is This Montréal’s year?

By Mike Olson Canada’s most successful team is off to a fast start in the beginning of this NHL season. The Montréal Canadians have 24 Stanley Cup banners hanging from the rafters at the Bell Centre and are looking to make it 25. The team has made the playoffs three years

2016 Stanley Cup Predictions

By Mike Olson People all over Canada and the United States have been patiently waiting for this weekend since summer. The weekend the most exciting sport in the world makes a return, the National Hockey League. Experts are picking their favorite teams to make it to the Stanley Cup Finals so

Will Toronto Ever See Another Stanley Cup?

By Mike Olson The richest team in the NHL is currently in a dry spell when it comes to winning the hardest trophy in sports, the Stanley Cup. The team was founded back in 1917 becoming part of the “Original 6” known as the Toronto Arenas. Two years later a new

Blackhawks: From Drought to Dynasty

By Mike Olson Sports Dynasty (spohrts dahy-nuh-stee) n. : a team that dominates their sport or league for a length of time. When you think of dynasties in hockey you think of the Montreal Canadiens from 1956-1960 and the New York Islanders from 1979-7982. As of 2010 you can add the