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Where Will KD End Up?

The body wasn’t even cold yet after the Thunder’s Game 7 loss to the Warriors and the question was asked. Where will Durant end up this offseason? Of course that should come as no surprise. Despite the Thunder being contenders for this season’s NBA Championship, people have been wondering and

This Week’s Tidbits May 22nd

This our second edition of's Weekly Tidbits, a video article that comes out every Sunday looking at our thoughts on the week that passed in sports and looking forward to next week. Here's what's on the docket for this week's video: Why Billy Donovan has already done a better job

Steven Adams: The Ultimate X Factor

The Oklahoma City Thunder are obviously Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant’s team. Nobody outside of Mark Cuban is doubting that those two superstars run the show for the Thunder. But while we all believe to know what we are to expect from those two, it’s a little known big man

Why Billy Donovan will Save the Thunder

In 1989 Steve Spurrier took Duke’s football program from bottom rung to being crowned the ACC champion. Quite an accomplishment for a school only known for their basketball prowess. Now imagine if he had won 2 national titles there, been ranked in the top 4 for an astounding 4 seasons,