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Can We Rename the MVP Already?!

In case you missed it, Steph Curry was just awarded the NBA MVP Award for the second season in a row. But unlike last season where 77% of voters put Curry at the top of the list, this season all 131 of the eligible voters placed Steph Curry as the

Who Deserves the NFL MVP?

There is little doubt that this year’s NFL MVP race is a tight one. But the thing people might not realize is that it is coming down to more than just two players. Cam Newton and Tom Brady are most likely the two that will receive the most votes and

Is Steph Really the MVP of the League?

There was no doubt that Steph Curry was going to take home the trophy last year. The MVP was hand wrapped and delivered to the man by the media, who tend to ignore the award goes to the man who means the most to his team, not the best player.