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Each MLB Team’s X-Factor – NL East

Baseball season is close. This writer is headed to Phoenix for Spring training this weekend to check out a few teams that are optimistic in thinking that they will be World Series champions this season. A few of those teams are in the National League  East , with the Nationals

Was it Dirty: Costing Scherzer History

There are rules in Baseball that you can’t find written in any book. And that might be the problem. These rules aren’t standard for every baseball player. Sometimes people don’t figure out they have broken a rule until their next at bat when they take a fastball to the spine. However

Bryce Harper: Production Finally Nearing the Hype

If you own the June 2009 Sports Illustrated issue, then you have the first piece of Bryce Harper propaganda. It was said inside that magazine that he hit a homerun over 570+ feet and throws 96 MPH. SI readers realized how good he was, and then the country realized how serious

The Nationals Waste $210 Million

Pitching wins Championships….kinda. See the 2011 Philadelphia Phillies had what might be the best rotation in the past 15 years. Between Roy Halladay, Cliff Lee, Cole Hamels, Roy Oswalt and Vance Worley, they won 3 Cy Youngs and made 18 career all-star games. That starting rotation posted a combined 2.86 ERA to