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This Week’s Tidbits May 15th

This is a new piece has added to give little tidbits and random thoughts to the viewers about the week that has passed and look forward to the week that is to come in sports (and beer). Make sure you check it out every Sunday.

Lebron James is Right that Steve Kerr Doesn’t Deserve Coach of the Year

may141How in the world did Steve Kerr win this award?! Are the voters mentally handicapped?! Did they get really wasted before the voting?!

The award obviously should have gone to Portland’s Terry Slotts. A coach who lost 4/5 of his starting lineup in the offseason, including the franchise’s best player, Lamarcus Aldridge, and still was able to take his team to the 2nd round of the Western Conference Playoffs.

Instead the award went to a coach who was so unimpressive that a guy with no head coaching experience could probably do a better job than him with the same team. Oh wait, that did happen!

Luke Walton (good pick up Lakers) had ZERO prior head coaching experience and he posted a better win record than Kerr with the same exact team.

Golden State Warriors Record: 73-9 (.890)

Luke Walton’s Record: 39-4 (.906)

Steve Kerr’s Record: 34-5 (.871)

“But Alan, Steve Kerr led them to the best record in history.” Actually they got to 73 wins despite Kerr’s coaching. Had Kerr coached the team the entire season without Walton’s amazing start Golden State would have fallen 2 games short of breaking Phil Jackson’s 72 game mark.

Still think Steve Kerr is deserving of the award? Yes? That’s because you’re an idiot.

The Playoffs are Further Proof that Curry Shouldn’t Have Won the MVP

I went over this the other day in an article that surprisingly got a lot of agreeing remarks, but Steph Curry is deserving of the title “best player in the NBA”, but not of the title “MVP”.

may143And in case my logic and stat-based article wasn’t enough. Maybe you have been paying attention to the playoffs, or as I call it, proof that Warriors are fine without Curry. Without the MVP point guard on the floor for Golden State the Warriors are +10.8 in the playoffs, meaning they outscore their opponents by 10.8 more points when Curry is sitting as opposed to actually playing.

Compare that to Lebron James whose Cavaliers are -13.7 without the 4-time MVP on the floor this postseason, or even teammate Draymond Green who is -10.7, more than a 20 point advantage over the “MVP” on the same team, and you see why this year’s playoffs are just further proof that Steph Curry shouldn’t have won the MVP.

Dave Joerger will be Great in Sacramento

First off, Joerger shouldn’t have been let go by the Grizzlies this week. He did a great job for them, and all 3 seasons he led Memphis to the playoffs. No he didn’t dominate in the postseason, but against a Western Conference as stacked as it is, and with the solid but not spectacular talent he had, there is absolutely no shame in what he was able to do with the Grizzlies.

may144But one bad move by the Grizzlies is a big win for another Western Conference team, as the Sacramento Kings should be very excited to be bringing him on. He was able to do well with a team that was predicated on two good post players (Gasol and Z-Bo) and a solid point guard (Conley). Now he has that same set up in Sac-Town, with Demarcus Cousins and Willie Cauley-Stein down low and possible stud Seth Curry manning the point.

It looks like Joerger is set up for some success in Sacramento. Maybe not right away, but with a lottery pick on the way, and a roster built the way he likes the Grizzlies could make some noise in the Western Conference….possibly….maybe….ok in a couple of years.

Clayton Kershaw Might still be the Game’s Best Pitcher

This week was quite a good one for pitchers around the league. Max Scherzer tied a record striking out 20 batters on Wednesday against the Tigers. That same night flame throwing Noah Syndergaard hit two home runs. The White Sox’ Chris Sale became the first pitcher to 8 wins, and has done so without a loss. On Monday Nationals star Stephen Strasburg signed a $175 million contract extension, and just yesterday reigning NL Cy Young winner, Jake Arrieta, struck out 11 Pirates on his way to his 7th win.

What a week it was. But something that gets lost in all this talk is just how dominant Clayton Kershaw has been. On Thursday Kershaw pitched his league leading 2nd complete game shutout of the season. And in this game the lefty K’d 13 Met batters; his 5th straight 10+ strikeout game. No other pitcher in the Majors has done that this year.

may142And when you throw in the 1.74 ERA, the National League leading 2.4 WAR, and 62 innings pitched, tops in baseball, you see just how dominant he has been. And there is something that has made the lefty even better than those stats show.

The true barometer for just how good a pitcher is at getting outs is the WHIP statistic (Walks and Hits per Inning Pitched), and nobody has a lower one than Kershaw’s .726 this season. Maybe that is because Kershaw is one of the most accurate pitchers in the history of the game. Don’t believe me? Check this out.

Kershaw leads the league with 62 innings pitched this season, but the 3-time Cy Young Award winner has walked only 4 batters. That’s right, just 4 batters have been put on base by Kershaw from a walk. Arrieta has walked at least that many batters in 3 games already this season. Meanwhile Kershaw averages about half a walk per 9 innings.

That’s why Kershaw is the best in the sport.

What to Watch Next Week

NBA Eastern Conference Finals – No matter whether it’s the Heat or the Raptors expect the Cavs to win the series in 5 games. Maybe 4 if the Cavs can shoot like they did in the series against Hawks.

NBA Western Conference Finals – This should be entertaining. A couple of the regular season matchups between these two teams were the best games of the season, and if the OKC frontcourt comes to play it could be the Thunder moving on to face Lebron.

may145NHL Eastern Conference Finals – It’s the Pens and the Lightning to advance to play for Lord Stanley’s Cup and Pittsburgh’s Sidney Crosby better step up his game if the Penguins are going to come back from a 3-1 Game 1 loss where the Pens offense just couldn’t capitalize despite slapping 15 more shots than the Lightning. Should be interesting with Lightning Goalie Ben Bishop out. Let’s see if Crosby can take advantage.

NHL Western Conference Finals – Both the Blues and the Sharks won their last series in 7 games each, and hopefully fatigue doesn’t appear in this series. But if this matchup does what the last round did and goes 7, we have to take the home team and that means the Blues have the advantage.

What to Drink Next Week

may146“But Alan, what should I drink while I am watching all that?”

Don’t worry we’ve got you covered there too.

Black Hog Brewing Company’s S.W.A.G.

S.W.A.G. stands for Summer Wheat Ale brewed with Grapefruit and while watching the NBA and NHL playoffs this week it will be nice to put down 1 or 2 (or 12) of these delicious summertime beers.


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