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Why Mayweather was the Big Loser of his Fight with Pacquiao

There is little doubt that unless you’re name is Manny Pacquiao or the ultra-mentally handicapped Skip Bayless, you thought that Floyd Mayweather not only won his May 2nd fight with Pacquiao, but he won it in convincing fashion. The self-proclaimed “Best Ever” landed 67 more punches than the Filipino star, and his legendary defense forced a usually aggressive Pacquiao to swing and miss to the tune of a 19% connection rate. However, his obvious victory in “The Fight of The Century” might not have been the win for Mayweather that he was hoping. In fact, it may have been a loss worse than any that isn’t in the L column.

Sure it’s true that Mayweather was the official winner after 2 judges scored the fight 116-12, and the other 118-110, but make no mistake, Mayweather was hardly a big winner from the fight. He dominated what was supposed to be a challenging fight so much that since, there has not been a true matchup for him that would offer a test for the pound-for-pound best boxer in the world. That has forced Mayweather to make quite the surprising move this summer.

Mayweather has agreed to fight Andre Berto; and if you are wondering who that might be, so is just about every boxing fan out there. Berto, who may just be a 100-1 underdog come fight night, has lost 3 of his last 6 fights, and just like everybody who has fought Mayweather is sure to be out of his league against the greatest defensive fighter of our generation. And another reason that Mayweather’s fight against Pacquiao is considered a loss is that after that May 2nd fight generated around $350 million the matchup with Berto isn’t looking like it will generate even half of that. Not good on the last fight of the year for a fighter whose nickname is “Money”.

may2As for his opponent from the May 2nd fight? Pacquiao left the ring that night the more attractive draw because of the aggressiveness he showed in the fight, and for that he was awarded a Fall opponent that is sure to bring in ticket sales and a hefty payday for the Filipino congressman. His future bout with ultra-fast an entertaining Amir Khan should be one of the best fights to watch this Autumn.

So between the loss of revenue and respect for taking a fight against the obviously outmatched and unknown Andre Berto Mayweather is taking quite a loss from dominating Pacquiao. What hurts more? His former opponent being a bigger draw against an opponent who called out Mayweather many times. Now “Money” Mayweather is making less money, getting less attention, and the man he defeated is more popular and just 1 of 2 cards that are bound to get more views than Mayweather (Cotto vs. Canelo). That’s not the way one is supposed to retire, Floyd. But maybe that’s what this is, an excuse to take another fight, and truly retire on top.

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