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Your Weekend Beer & Sports Guide Febuary 17th 2017

Football season is over, and that makes us sad. So we drink. And we try and watch sports that take our mind off of the fact that we have to wait another 7 months until football returns to Sundays. But what games should we watch and what beers should we drink? Here’s our opinion:


Pittsburgh @ Columbus 7pm ET

Land-Grant Brewing Company’s Stiff Arm IPA

The best game on Friday this week is a hockey game between two teams vying for 2nd place in the Metropolitan Division. The Penguins and the Blue Jackets are two of the best teams in the league and Columbus needs this win as they are a game and a half behind Pittsburgh.

So why drink this beer for this game. Because this Columbus brewed session IPA is a good tasting beer that is great for drinking during a sporting event whether it’s a Buckeyes game or a Blue Jackets. And if Columbus ends up losing the game to Sidney Crosby and company, at least the 6.70% ABV will be enough to drown the Columbus fans’ sorrows.


#3 Kansas @ #4 Baylor 1pm ET

Bare Arms Brewing Java Joule

This game is early enough in the day that hung-over college students in Waco will be just getting up an hour or two before the game. And what a game it is for the Big 12. Kansas is a legit contender for the #1 overall seed in next month’s tournament, and Baylor is losing ground nationally after a big loss to unranked Texas Tech on Monday.

This means the Bears are going to need one hell of a game on Saturday morning with the crowd involved. And what better way to get involved than drinking a coffee flavored beer. Waco’s own Bare Arms Brewing Co. has a great coffee stout that is rich, complex, and hefty in terms of alcohol (8.0% ABV) which is good if you’re a Baylor fan, because chances are this is a double-digit loss to the best team in college basketball.

NBA Dunk Contest 8pm ET

Courtyard Brewing Catch Flights Not Feelings

The reasons I am choosing this New Orleans beer for this amazing event is because this brew has a great chocolaty and caramel flavor mixed with a major citra hoppy tone, which is the perfect drink not just for a Saturday night, but also for the most exciting sports event of the year.

Aaron Gordon should have won last year’s contest in what was the best dunk contest since Jordan vs. Dominique Wilkins in 1988. This year he will win, and drink down a sweet caramel-chocolate beer to add even more sweetness to the victory in what is sure to be a show with fellow big-time dunker DeAndre Jordan.


NBA All-Star Game 8pm ET

NOLA Brewing Co. PIETY

Nothing says New Orleans like Mardi Gras, but NBA All-Star Weekend is a close second in my mind. This weekend is a giant party, that is topped off with sports’ best All-Star game.

The reason I chose this beer to celebrate this game is because this New Orleans brewery is making a sweet beer that won’t fill you up while you watch these players run up and down the court in hopes that a team wins 175-174. And what better way to celebrate a good weekend of sports than with this fermented fruit flavored sour ale.

Now let this cherry flavored sour be the cherry on the top of a good weekend of sports…..and beer.

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